Cell Phone Forensics (May Madness)


Cell phones and PDAs are capable of storing a wealth of information -- even data you thought was deleted! Our staff at Bill Perry & Associates, Inc. is experienced in the retrieval of data from cell phones and other mobile devices in a manner that preserves the evidence so it may be admissible in court.

Mobile phones are becoming more and more technical. Nearly all mobile phones produced today have cameras built into them. More memory is being added to cell phones which makes their storage capacity greater than ever.

Once a job for top international espionage agents, surveillance is now a simple feat for a mobile phone user. Taking discreet photos, recording a private conversation, or capturing unauthorized videos are now simply done with even inexpensive cell phones. Most of us simply use our phones to capture images for personal use and memories. For some, however, it is the perfect way to capture critical data, to steal data from a competitor, or simply for use in a blackmail situation.

NOTE: "Our Forensic Team, can also extract data from the newer phones, i.e., the new iPad, iPhone, iPod, & Android Cell Phones…


A cell phone forensic investigation includes the possibility of retrieving full data including many pieces of information which had been deleted.  This is dependent upon the exact model of the device. 

Some of the data that we can retrieve are below.

Secure Extraction, Complete Content in Most Cases…!

Our team of experts may be able to recover the following types of data including:

* Phone Book / Contacts
* Phone details (IMEI / ESN, phone number)
* Call history (Received, Dialed, Missed)
* SMS text messages
* Phone user lock code
* Deleted call history, text messages, images, phonebook entries and videos
* Access to internal application data
* Phone internal data including: IMSI history, past SIM cards used, past user lock code history
* Emails
* Web History
* Audio
* Video
* Pictures and images
* Ringtones
* Passwords



Our team will give you a report generated in HTML, XLS, CSV, XML or PDF formats, providing organized print-outs for use as a reference and in the courtroom.