Memoirs In Blue
A Retrospective Mirror Through a New York City Cops Eyes...




Everyone has a story of a journey,
however different it might be.
The idiosyncrasies that shape their
lives making them who they are,
whether or not you see them as
they see themselves, they are
who they are.  This is my journey
through my life,  as seen through
the retrospective mirror of my eyes... 




"This book is currently being written and will be available soon on this website as a downloadable eBook and a Hard Copy Purchase"



Bill Perry, Author



Meet The Author

Bill Perry is a former NYPD Detective 
who retired after completing 20 years 
of service. Bill’s passion didn’t end with 
NYPD; he also worked as a Crime Analyst 
and Computer Forensics Examiner for the 
Cape Coral Police Department. Bill made his 
home in Cape Coral, Florida. He is 
currently a Certified Fraud Examiner, 
Private Investigator, Chief Compliance 
Officer and Owner of Bill Perry & Associates, Inc. 
Security & Investigative Agency. 

Bill is a Motivational Speaker, and travels 
throughout Florida performing speaking 
engagements based on his extensive
background in crime prevention.