Security Services


We have been doing Private Investigations work in Florida since 2005. In 2008 we've decided to expand our services to include Security & Protection Services Division. Our Security Protection Services are unique in that our employees are put through a rigorous background screening process. This screening includes our on-site drug testing, an on-line psychological profile exam, which also includes integrity testing. This process is performed by our internal investigators that are all retired law enforcement. In addition to our background checks our employees are constantly given extra training to perform their task that much better. 

We also offer “Patrol Services”, uniquely designed exclusively around your budget & schedule. Our philosophy is simple. “Respect everyone and make everyone you come in contact with feel Important. We teach our employees to go the extra mile and turn the client experience into a worthwhile encounter. There is no room for sleeping on the job. We teach our employees to be proactive and observant and to expect the unexpected”.

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